Now that’s a cheat day recipe!

Have some nice red or/and white beans boiled (or taken out of the can).

Start with a pan, add some nice virgin olive oil and start with onions, some nice chilies, one or two cloves of garlic. Add a couple of tomatoes (maybe some plum tomatoes in can so you can also use the lovely juice from them), stir to a boil and then add the beans… mix nice and thoroughly for about 10 minutes and then add the meat that you prefer: ground beef or chicken breast (if you wanna go light).

If you’re a vegetarian, add some pre-boiled soy cubes or some mushrooms to keep the protein intake as high as possible. This dish shouldn’t take you more then 20 min. Add some parsley when finishing the boil!

Remember that the capsaicin – substance contained in the chilies is one of the best metabolic accelerators and anti-inflammatory in the world!  Check it out! –