This is one of the questions I get often in my practice and sometimes I get it as a statement: I got fat because of the antidepressants! In the following, we’ll see if this statement is true!

There are six main groups of psychiatric medications.

BUT ENOUGH with the science… let’s talk facts! NONE OF THOSE ARE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOU GETTING FAT! why? because getting fat means overeating… It’s not like you eat a leaf a iceberg salad and you put on 4 pounds! That’s impossible! The metabolism doesn’t work like that… you got fat because you overate fast food and sweets.

WHY? Now that’s another different story!

  • You were in depression and you found comfort in food.
  • You had a psychological trauma and you completely put aside your health and looks.
  • Because of the reasons above you developed a food disorder called hyperphagia and you started eating in order to cover some emotions.
  • Your food disorder extended during the night time and you wake up in the middle of the night just to indulge your self in more food.
  • You refuse to assume responsibility and take action with the help of a specialist and keep blaming different types of medication that somehow “prevent” you in doing so.

What to do?

Very easy! First accept the medical fact that there are no pills or medication in this world that will get you fat with air. It’s the food and the overuse of it that make us fat! There are some types of medication that will slow down you metabolism, that’s true, but as long as you take care of yourself and what/how much you put in you mouth, everything should be fine.

Also, if you are already in the position where you need to lose weight and don’t manage on you own, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Stay frosty everyone!