Nutritional professional counseling during pregnancy, post-partum (after birth), during breast feeding and the correct baby food diversification and it’s medical principles

This part of our website is dedicated to present or future mothers.

The food combinations, the nutritional value of your foods are extremely important during and immediately after pregnancy. This is one part of your baby’s life, where the nutritionist can play a crucial role in his/hers healthy development.

The long discussions in between fresh and more experienced moms, browsing websites with various informations, watching hours of TV shows that prove to have nothing valuable are now over! You just found the best nutritional source of info for everything that you need and the answer to most of your questions.

I want to have a child! What do I need to know about my body, what medical inquires I need to make and what nutritional laws I need to learn before I get pregnant.

During pregnancy, depending on the semester, we know that the child develops differently and that he/her needs a certain amount of proteins (with a specific number of amino-acids), minerals and vitamins. How and where do I find all this in my food? How do I make the balance, in order to improve my baby’s healthy development? How do I face my cravings, in order not to have excessive adipose tissue(fat tissue) afterbirth.

What can I eat and what not to touch during pregnancy?

How do I get rid of the excess of fat tissue afterbirth, without affecting my breastfeeding process?

What’s the most efficient recovery from the Cesarean section (C-section) ?

How can I improve the healthy development of my baby through breastfeeding?

Did you know that the maternal milk offers to your baby all the nutrients needed for his growth? Probably yes- but did you know that it depends a lot on the mother’s food habits?

How to avoid the baby’s bloating? How to increase the quality of his sleep (as well as the parent’s sleep) through breastfeeding or diversification? How to correctly structure all the macro-nutrients in the most efficient mode possible? How to build his immune system?

What are the correct parameters of growth for my child? Height, weight depending on age an parents genetics? What are the equations for the correct math?

Nutritional pathologies: from dystropfy to paratrophy. Diagnose and nutritional treatment.

How to correctly diversify the baby food, from the medical point of vue? Stages, food groups, when and how much? What to expect and what to pay attention too…

Also NutriGo has the specialized clinical psychologist, mother of two beautiful boys, at your disposal to help you get through the process in the best and easiest way possible.

100$ one time fee for 2 consultations via Skype/Facebook Messenger (first one is free for evaluation and the second one will consist in explaining everything prescribed and forwarded via e-mail. BONUS Follow up session included – 2 weeks apart.


*all fees are paid via transfer with Money Gram or Western Union

*all transfer details will be provided via messenger, skype or email

*all trasfer fees are supported by the patient/client

*the fees are paid only after the fist free consult, before starting the dietary plan. NO FEES are required for the first consult!