The volume of information about a healthy lifestyle, diets, nutrition and fitness is very large in the media. Only trying to go through all that data can be extremely time&energy consuming, not to mention that some of this information does not have medical foundation, but different marketing campaigns for several products. The Nutritionist is nothing more than a shortcut!

What can a nutritionist do for me?

The nutritionist, based on years of medical studies and experience with several cases, has the ability to find the most efficient and fast way for you. Without losing several hours spent in front of the computer, listening to false informations and commercials about products that do absolutely nothing, The Nutritionist is able to prescribe you a diet plan, specifically adapted for your case, medical condition and preferences.

How many times do I need a consult from a nutritionist?

The human body is an extraordinary complex mechanism and extremely adaptable! The aesthetic changes we usually want to make are perceived by our organism as a huge stress and pressure in the day to day life, therefore it will adapt very fast to our caloric increase or deficit, exercises and the changes we make in the macro-nutrients. These are called barriers or plateaus! The nutritionist, has the ability to break through these barriers and “metabolically shock” the organism and take it to the direction the client desires.

The aesthetic look of a “shredded” body, with an extremely low body fat percentage and well build muscles is not the “normal” genetic state of our body. Maybe in the past, when we were hunters and gatherers and we needed such strength, speed and stamina to survive ! But at this point, in our sedentary society, with all the unhealthy foods, our body has adapted to the new “way” of things and prefers to cover everything in a thick layer of body fat (medically called adipose tissue- made from adipocites -or commune known as fat cells). This type of tissue is basically stored energy that has not been used by overeating.

Does this mean that I will need a nutritionist all my life?

Absolutely NO! The road that you take with your nutritionist is one towards knowledge! In the process of cleaning and restructuring your nutrition habits, your nutritionist will teach you as well how your body works, what are the best nutrients and when to ingest them, what are the most important vitamins and minerals in different types of food, what metabolic exercises are the most efficient etc. You will reach one point when you will be able to take care, measure and KNOW all the relevant medical information for your specific case… you will learn to be your own nutritionist.

How do I talk to my nutritionist?

Imagine that a nutritionist is like psychologist for your own body and the psychiatrist of your food … tell him everything about you and together you will find a way.

How much do I need to pay my nutritionist?

In the statistics that our company has made, the one consult-diet plan is not the most efficient way. We are talking about a process that takes time and effort and cannot be solved with the issue of one simple recipe. The dietary plan needs to adapt to the personality, the way of life, the line of work and the medical background of every patient. Therefore, we have developed a program, on monthly bases, that has all your needs covered. You will talk with our nutritionist for at least once a week via skype (scheduled).

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Also, from all the experience that we have, we understood the fact that the first 2 months in the re-adaptation of a new healthy lifestyle are the most difficult. Therefore, you, as a patient, need to be in constant contact with your nutritionist in order to overcome any “unhealthy desires” you might have. So we offer you full media support for the first 2 moths, via skype, email or Facebook in order for you to establish a healthy lifestyle in the most efficient way.

We will give you healthy recipes for you to cook, we will help you with your shopping list, we will offer you support through our clinical psychologist (specialized in food disorders and motivational evaluations). We will be everything for you: your doctor, your nutritionist, your chef, your organizer, your personal instructor and even your friend, in order to achieve OUR goal!

General Disclaimer

We do not market products, supplements, magical teas or herbs, or Superman exercises with dvd’s that will solve your issue. We offer counsel as specialized nutritionists and dieteticians , clinical psychologists and experts in the medical metabolic field. We will direct you to a healthier lifestyle through proper and balanced nutrition.

We wish you all the best of luck on your road to complete and absolute success and we offer you all the necessary support!